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From: Hazem Ameen <>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 16:29:54 +0300
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Do you have any spilling under V$BUFFERED_QUEUES for you capture queue?  

I've seen a situation where streams_pool_size is NOT dynamically resized even though ASMM is enabled  


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Here are a few more. Is there a separate ARCH process for switching the logs to arch or is the LGWR over burdened? Do you have any table with > 125 columns?

Recommended Patches for Streams 437838.1

Bug 6017440 - Streams capture / CDC / apply slow mining DMLs for tables with REFRESH ON COMMIT Materialized Views
  Doc ID: Note:6017440.8

Bug 5881229 - AV capture is slow Doc ID: Note:5881229.8

Bug 5370578 - Capture process slow on startup on 'control file sequential read'
Doc ID: Note:5370578.8

Bug 5135907 - Streams capture slow when object definition is not in dictionary
Doc ID: Note:5135907.8

Streams Capture Process Takes a Long Time To Start With State 'Dictionary Initialization' and Wait Event 'Control File Sequential Read' Doc ID: Note:406673.1

Streams Capture Process Running Extremely Slowly With 'CPU Time' as the Top Wait Event
  Doc ID: Note:458214.1

HTH GovindanK

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 Yes the note#335516.1 as well as many other documents in metalink under the "streams" knowledge browser.
Note#365648.1 seems to be relevant only for apply. I have looked at the output of Health check specified in #273674.1 but nothing obvious. I have only one capture process running (there is just one capture queue), however I set the parallelism to 4 (using: dbms_capture_adm.set_parameter) but found no improvement with the default (=1) . The latency has stayed mostly the same and I do see that log miner is processing archives constantly.

-Madhu S

On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 7:23 PM, GovindanK <> wrote:

When you said Best Practice Docs did you mean Metalink Note # 335516.1 ?

Did you look at Note:365648.1 , 273674.1 ; How many capture process are running? Does the difference always stay at 12 hrs or it picks up sometime?


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