Developer 2000 and Oracle 11g - pstubt procedure and pstubtbl table

From: Reardon, Bruce (RTABBAY) <>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 08:20:23 +1100
Message-ID: <>

Has anyone successfully used Developer 2000 with Oracle 11g database? The exact versions are patch bundle 9 on 32 bit Windows 2003R2 SP2.

We can run the Forms 4.5 compiled forms, reports and plx files successfully against 11g.

However, if we try to use Developer 2000 to compile a form that references a package, it fails with
Error 303 at line nn, column nn
 qualifier <object_name> must be declared

Use a 10046 trace on the compilation, and comparing to that against, I can see that it is failing due to calling sys.pstubt.

This procedure returns the type of an object, and also inserts code from the object into the table sys.pstubtbl.

This procedure doesn't exist in 11g - in earlier versions it can be found at ?\rdbms\admin\pistub.sql.
The file still exists in 11g, but it doesn't contain pstubt.

This calls diutil.pstub.
The diutil package exists in 11g, but it no longer has procedure pstub.

On a test instance, to see how far we could get, I took a copy of the 817 diutil package and created it, calling it sys.mydiutil. I then created a copy of the 817 pstubt in 11g, modifying it to call sys.mydiutil.

It compiled ok - somewhat of a surprise.

However, it does not work correctly - on trying to call the private procedure diugdn - declared as PRAGMA interface(c,digudn), it fails with 'ORA-06509: PL/SQL: ICD vector missing for this package'.

So any ideas on getting Developer 2000 to work?

Developer 6i does work, but upgrading isn't a trivial project.

Bruce Reardon

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