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Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 10:21:52 +0100
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You could of course do that but I wrote the cracker to be completely stand alone where it doesnt need to be installed in the database or have tables of words added to the database.

I work with lots of companies and some have a reticence to install and use binary based crackers (i.e. ones written in C such as woraauthbf) so I wanted to get over that barrier completely and have a script that is easy to run, needs no dependencies and can be run from SQL*Plus. no excuses then to harden your passwords. Once people have seen the power of the PL/SQL based one, they will accept a C based one more easilly BUT as i said on the download page this cracker will catch the most problematic issues anyway.



Bort, Guillermo wrote:
> If you read the file you downloaded you'll see that there is a procedure
> that loads an array (procedure init_dicts) and you can add lines there.
> Also, init_hashes loads the hashes database.
> You could certainly modify the procedure to load the array from a table
> with something like:
> Procedure init_dicts is
> J number;
> Begin
> J:=1;
> For i in (select * from table) loop
> Dicts(J):=i.word;
> J:=J+1;
> End loop;
> End;
> Guillermo Alan Bort
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> I ran it in two of my development environments. My question is how do I
> extend the dictionary that Pete included in the routine. His Web page
> states that it can be extended. Anybody have any ideas about how to get
> a dictionary loaded into an Oracle database?
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