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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 16:31:48 -0400
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To be sure, after copying all the archivelogs from the old server to the new server and applying all of them, take copies of the online redo logs, and apply them in the recovery process as well. This will guarantee no data loss.

So, set up copy of prod on new hardware. Start copying archive logs from prod to copy on new hardware and applying. At cut over time, shutdown prod, copy remaining archive logs, apply them. Then copy on-line redo from prod over to new hardware, and apply them as if they were archived logs (Oracle will not know the difference). That will guarantee every last transaction will be applied to the new database. Then just open w/ resetlogs and be on your way.

Hope that helps,



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Subject: Sanity Check

Guys & Gals,

We have a database migration to new hardware tomorrow and this is something I was considering doing to save time tomorrow. I wanted to get a sanity check to see if I'm missing anything or have failed to consider anything.

1.) Restore prod database to the new machine (same name, same paths) tonight
2.) Shutdown prod database tomorrow and switch logfiles as part of the shutdown (shutdown trigger) to generate final archivelogs on old machine
3.) Copy archivelogs from old machine after shutdown to new machine
4.) Recover <new> prod database on new machine
5.) Open <new> prod database on new machine with resetlogs
6.) Take a backup of <new> prod database

Do I run any risk of losing transactions in the existing prod database?

Anything I've failed to consider?


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