Load Balancing

From: Oliver Jost <Oliver.Jost_at_ca.fujitsu.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 11:46:23 -0400
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Hi All,

   If anyone could shed some light I'd appreciate it... I have a 2-node (10gR2/Solaris 9) cluster in which one node has weaker cpu (both have 12 cpu, stronger has 8xUltraSPARC IV+ [1.5 GHz] while the weaker has 8xUltraSPARC IV [1.2 GHz]). The load balancing was favouring the weaker node (e.g. higher active sessions, higher load, new sessions connecting while the stronger node putters along). The sessions have a relatively even spread, however, due to capacity the weaker node is the bottleneck. I'd like to balance server-side but am running into difficulties. Oracle docs state OCI release 2 is required for server-side to work. I believe our middle tier is running an up to date OAS (forms/reports, Solaris10). I'm not clear on the middle tier but I believe it uses release 1 for OCI. I'd like to configure the listener to balance by load (I have not been successful in our test environment, working with Oracle on bug or middle tier issues, not resolved yet) so when the weaker server experiences a higher load new connections go to the more powerful server rather than just load balance client-side (2 nodes, 50/50). I do have some options via the middle tier and/or services. The ideal would be minimize configuration changes while maintaining HA.  

Any suggestions (hints, tips, pointers to docs) are welcome.  


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