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Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 10:34:56 -0400
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We excusively use packages.
We build in productiion with sqlplus. the code is compiled. No errors in user_errors and the code runs. However, we can just run it once the first time it runs. No invalid objects.

after we do a build we have checks we run built into the release.

1. dbms_utility.compile_schema
2. check user_errors
3. check invalid objects

no errors or invalid objects.

Ill google utlrp. Never used it before.

On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 9:01 AM, Bort, Guillermo <>wrote:

> This sounds like a problem related to 'recompiling'. How have you built
> the packages? (i.e. have you used TOAD in debug mode?) have you checked
> for invalid objects? Have you run utlrp after recompiling the package?
> hth
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> No java. All the procedures are similiar. They are rolling up to summary
> tables in a data warehouse.
> So they do the following
> 1. grab a sequence value
> 2. set dbms_application_info
> 3. insert to a log table saying "I am running". procedure that does the
> insert is an autonomous transaction
> 4. run an insert select if there is no data in the summary, run a merge
> if there is data in the summary.
> 5. call the log procedure again to update the log when done
> That is it. I have similiar code in other packages. This only seems to
> happen now, right after I recompile the code to make changes. It only
> happens in our production RAC environment (I do not have a dev or test
> RAC environment).
> once it completes once, I don't get library cache waits anymore. The
> other package that is very similiar, does not have this problem.

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