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Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 08:45:45 -0500 (CDT)
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There are a few How-To articles out there. My attempt being one of them:

...or, in case the above link is mangled in email:

I don't have any immediate plans to add more though...


> El lun, 06-10-2008 a las 18:54 -0400, Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco
> escribió:
>> Hi I'm adding several pages on, I think if
>> every put a grain of sand this idea can work.
>> The idea is to build something like
>> No to use like a forum ;)
> Totally agree.
> Sections for concepts, performance, code... actually the oracle wiki has
> no sense. As you said, people uses it as a forum :/
> If you wanna do something serious, let me know and we can begin to
> design how could be done. Of course, this call is open to all. A good
> init could be articles based on the invaluable info offered by the
> oracle-l community, with permission and informed authoring of each
> poster.
> Regards
> D.

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