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From: Sais, Gene <>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 14:26:44 -0400
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I would spread them out, assuming you have the capacity to handle the database load on 1 cluster.

Assuming all 3 databases are production:

Use 2 nodes (lowest capacity) as a test cluster. Use the remaining 7 nodes 2-3 clusters with 1-2 databases as the prod clusters. Trust me, you will want a cluster to test with, RAC does NOT work as documented. There are lot's of workarounds, especially if you are using ASM & OMF. Don't get me wrong, I like RAC just that it is more difficult to support than Non-RAC.

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Subject: RAC newbie question

I am curious on your thoughts on this.......we have 3 unrelated databases and 9 boxes to put them on.

Would you recommend one 9 node cluster and put them on that one or three 3 node clusters (one for each database)?

We are looking at the pros/cons of each. Does anyone have any thought either way?


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