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I recently went to a seminar where Julian Dyke was presenting his experiences of OracleVM.  

Unfortunately the presentation isn't yet up on his website:  

Although I assume it will be added shortly.  

In summary, he found the product poorly documented, with many of the issues encountered installing and configuring it only documented on Metalink and isn't really ready for live deployment yet.  

NB. He was using version 2.1.1, although he stated that none of the problems he encountered appeared to have been fixed in 2.1.2.  



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This is not a database question.  

I am currently running a server with VMWare Server and a couple of VMs with RHEL4 and Oracle (9i, 10g, 11g) and a VM with Windows 2003 Server with a MS SQL Server. I'm also running a VM with windows 2000 and Oracle 8i, but that won't live much longer...  

I became acquainted with Oracle VM back when it was release, yet have never had the chance to try it out. Mind you, even though this server is for internal use only and intended for testing, there is a particular VM which should be online 24x7 as it contains an application we use to share information (TNSNAMES connect strings, host info, access info and a couple hundrer scripts) This is a very simple APEX application, but it should not be down long... specially during working hours. I know migrating this application could take me up to a day (as that is what it took to move it originally) I was thinking on upgrading it to 11g with latest apex in the same step.  

Ok, now to the point. We need to keep all the VMs working as they are our main testing environment and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with OracleVM, specially running the Windows 2003 with MSSQL Server, as I'm pretty sure the Oracle installs will work flawlessly.  

I will try to get a PC to run OracleVM Server, as I will need it to prepare the 11g VM to migrate the main apex application... but the PC I'll be able to get will have about 1GB ram, and I'm not sure I'd be able to launch two productive VMs...  

Also, I'd really like to do a fresh install for the apex vm, but I'm not so keen on reinstalling the Win2003 as there are a lot of MSSQL DBs there and I'm not a MSSQL DBA and it would require someone else to migrate them (not to mention a LOT of space to back them up during reinstall which I'm sure we don't have). Is there a way to convert VMWare Virtual Machines to Oracle VM Server Virtual Machines?  

TIA Guillermo Alan Bort

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