From: Jay Weinshenker <>
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2008 07:57:28 -0500
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If it were me, I'd go a different route

Switch to ESXi (which is free) and put it on the bare metal of the server you want to migrate to. Then it's merely a copy of the vmdk files that make up your VMs. From there you can easily clone those VMs for testing for upgrades etc.

OracleVM, which uses XEN virtualization, was something that RedHat started to go with when RH5 came out. RH has since decided to go away from XEN to KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine). So you're at a point where the people who Oracle steals their Linux code from has stopped any development on the product. Plus, XEN isn't anywhere as mature as ESX.

Depending on the version of your VMware server VM, it may work flawlessly and without any conversions in ESXi. Check Vmware's site.

If you must go the route of migrating the VM from running virtualized under VMWorkstation to running virtualized under OracleVM, install and check out mondorescue and mindi - these will allow you to backup your running, live, Linux box and then restore it. Just make sure if you do it live you put the DB in the VM into hot backup mode.

Let me know any questions or concerns.


  Jay Weinshenker

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