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Not sure about "Wise". I have had a great deal of success with Confio Ignite for Oracle (

<PLUG> It displays the wait interface data at the session and statement level, monitors 24x7, and stores it all in a repository (an Oracle database). It has a lovely GUI with charts, graphs, reports and alerting out of the box and provides you tons of very useful data with just a couple of clicks. </PLUG>

I don't know what the current list price is these days, but it is licensed per CPU of the database server you are monitoring - not priced per database. This is quite economical when you have an 8-CPU server with 40 databases on it.


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AWR Viewer


My team leader just passed this on and asked us for comments. I thought I would go to you guys first.  

Price is a consideration as I am sure you are all painfully aware of the economy problems :-(      

"Boys, we used to have Oracle statspack viewer which was a nice GUI tool
for doing analysis. Unfortunately this doesn't work with AWR on 10g. There is a new version out there (ignore the cost for now that would be for me to sort out). Just wondered if you thought it would be a worthwhile purchase (for a single database licence). Or if you knew of anything better (OEM would cost a fortune i suspect)."    

TIA   Lee

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Subject: MAA pdf for 9iR2

Hi to all:

Anyone has available the MMA pdf for 9iR2? I tried to obtain it from metalink, thaiti, otn and google with no luck, only can get info about release >= 10gR1

If someone can send me it, remember to do it off-list

Thanks a lot



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