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From: Allen, Brandon <>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 12:10:30 -0700
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I agree Oracle's marketing can be misleading, licensing can be confusing, etc. and I also dislike their strategy of dangling all the management packs in front of you regardless of whether or not you licensed them, but the fact remains that the base Grid Control is free and that was my point - I think we agree on that, right? Back to the OP's message:

"Boys, we used to have Oracle statspack viewer which was a nice GUI tool for doing analysis. Unfortunately this doesn't work with AWR on 10g."

So, it looks like they've already licensed the Diagnostics Pack (or at least they'd better) if they are using AWR, so if he just wants a GUI to see the AWR data, he might as well just use the free Enterprise Manager - either the DB Console or Grid Control version. Of course the DB Console would be much easier if he only needs to manage one or a few databases.

When you first run either DB Console or Grid Control, you have to acknowledge a pretty clear statement about the fact that the mgmt packs require special licensing and I think it gives you the instructions to disable them too. So, the only way that the statement "the instant you start using [Grid Control], you owe money" is true is if the user ignores that screen, fails to disable the mgmt pack features, and then proceeds to use the unlicensed portions of OEM.

That horse is definitely dead now :-)


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