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Again, maybe we're both beating dead horses here. I am saying that there is a group at oracle known as the Enterprise Manager group. They develop and license "management packs", such as diagnostic, tuning, provisioning, configuration management, etc. When someone purchases one of these packs, the revenue flows to the Enterprise Manager group, regardless of whether it will be used with OEMGC or not. Hence, management packs are part of enterprise manager, and are licensed based on the number of processors on the database server that is being managed. I think it is reasonable to say that those packs are part of enterprise manager.

I am also saying that I am often frustrated with OEM because there seems to be a widespread feeling, encouraged by Oracle Marketing, that Grid Control is completely free. Also, when you install Oracle GC, all of the packs are licensed by default on all targets- so at the very least, it is disingenuous to suggest that Grid Control is free, because the default scenario, the instant you start using it, you owe money.


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Grid Control being free is absolutely not the same as "Oracle is free because I can download it for free, I just need to license it when I run it". There is no license required for Grid Control itself. Obviously you have to have licenses for your databases - regardless of whether or not you use Grid Control. Diagnostics Pack is a separately licensed component of your TARGET DATABASE, not of Grid Control. You have to pay for the Diag Pack license regardless of whether or not you run Grid Control. There is no additional cost to run Grid Control. If I'm wrong on this, please provide a link to some supporting evidence.


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I suppose semantically that's correct, though somewhat like me claiming that Oracle is free because I can download it for free, I just need to license it when I run it. . . .  

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