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I suppose semantically that's correct, though somewhat like me claiming that Oracle is free because I can download it for free, I just need to license it when I run it. Diagnostic pack is considered a component of Grid Control - the fact that you need to license it for access to that data regardless of whether you use it through Grid Control is a game of licensing twister (probably intended to jack up revenues for OEMGC from an optics perspective).

Other packs, like provisioning pack, really have no capability without OEM - only the basic monitoring functionality of OEMGC is free, though the fact that it enables everything by default when you install it is a recipe for a very unpleasant audit at some point in the future.



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Grid Control is FREE. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that Grid Control is free as long as your targets are licensed. You only have to pay extra for management packs, but those are licensed for the target databases regardless of whether or not you use Grid Control to interface with them. For example with AWR, you have to buy a Diagnostics Pack license if you want to query the AWR views/tables, run the AWR procedures/scripts, etc. regardless of whether or not you use DB Control or Grid Control.  



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Well Grid Control is probably the most expensive option....  

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