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From: <jurgen_mortier_at_amis.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 17:02:09 +0200
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I'm using a hierarchical query from an Oracle database that only accesses a table on a remote database (version I'm trying to use the nocycle option, but since that does not exist on Oracle 9, I would like to get this query parsed on the Oracle 10 database. The hint DRIVING_SITE executes it on the remote site, but it is still parsed locally.
Is this even possible ?

The query is this:
SELECT connect_by_iscycle cyc, level lvl, sys_connect_by_path((a. parent_lot_class || a.parent_lot_num),'/'), a.*   FROM source_target_xref_at_remote_db a
start with lot_class = 'ZW' and lot_num = 'GK140891' connect by nocycle parent_lot_class = prior lot_class and parent_lot_num = prior lot_num

Jürgen Mortier

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