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From: Finn Jorgensen <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 12:43:32 -0400
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> Greg Marsden is the mgr of the Linux Dev Group (I think that's right, I'm
> sure I
> have his name right) presented a talk about 'Bullet Proofing your Linux"
> systems.

Yes there I've encountered exceptions myself. 2 years ago I attended a session held by 2 Oracle employees about performance tuning and troubleshooting 10g RAC (new-ish at the time) and it was in my Top 5 of all time best OOW sessions ever. It does happen. Rule of thumb, though, is that stuff like "Oracle 11g new features" is all fluff.

> Netezza : dedicated HW data warehouse appliances. The little I know
> about it is that it doesn't work with Oracle, and the database is does
> work with seems to be rather primitive.

Netezza is it's own database and works very well for what it's designed to do which is to run queries on massive amounts of data. It would have been interesting to have seen comparisons for LG and Martel's data on both Oracle and Netezza, but I'm sure the data would have been spun so Oracle came out on top.


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