RE: transporting 3 TBs of data to a new database

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And if downtime is a concern, you can use streams to minimize to downtime.


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do you have a DB link in between? Or do you want to have the data on disk for transport?

Just a hint: If not, use impdp via DB link, works like a charm in late 10.2(.0.4).

Dba DBA schrieb:
> I am on ASM, the group moving the data is not. I think transportable
> tablespaces is the best way to do this. So I have to use RMAN to put the
> data in ASM. Is this a copy to an an ASM tablespace? Any idea how
> this works? I am trying to figure out how long this will take. We may be
> able to do it in pieces.
> I dont think data pump is good for this.
> I also dont know a good wait to write comma delimitted files out of this
> much data to sql load.

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