Re: Oracle Migration Workbench Problems after upgrading to SQLDeveloper 1.5.1

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 11:09:36 -0500 (CDT)
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Hi Sandra,

I gave up on the migration for one of our MS Axxess (of Evil) bases of data using SQL Developer 1.5. Axxess allows the user to be very sloppy and that doesn't translate well to Oracle. For example, Axxess allows one to create a query that selects "*" in one column plus individual columns after that.

I ended up using SQL Dev Migration to create the initial Oracle DDL which I then had to manually massage in order to correct syntax and translation issues in the script. I then created a DSN on my PC to point to the new Oracle schema, and used Axxess to connect to the new tables and populate them with an "Append Query" from the original Axxess tables.

The Migration tool needs a little work. The above is not nearly as clean of a process as I had hoped, but as long as I can get rid of constantly repairing and restoring corrupted records in Axxess, it's certainly worth it.

My $.02,

p.s. Don't forget that Toad for Oracle can also import data from MS Axxess!  :)

> Does anyone use the Oracle Migration Workbench that is included in
> SQLDeveloper? I have been able to successfully migration Microsoft
> Access databases to Oracle when using OMW in SQLDeveloper 1.5. However
> I upgraded to SQLDeveloper 1.5.1 and am now having problems when trying
> to do the actual data move. I have tried versions 2000 and 2003 of
> Access. It is giving me ""ORA-01031: insufficient privileges" and
> "Failed to disable constraints: Data Move" errors. I can't find anything
> relating to this problem on any Forums, Metalink, etc. Below are the
> steps I am taking during the migration:


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