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From: Ahbaid Gaffoor <>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 17:28:32 -0700
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I signed up for the free pass and live about an hr from SFO, I didn't attend, I just could not stand the marketing hype, yes there are a few excellent presentations, but Oracle Open World is becoming more marketing oriented. I've reduced myself to only attending if a new release was issued that year. I could not convince myself to go to SFO to hear and see the hype.

My favorites that I do try to attend are:

  1. Hotsos, been there three times and am planning to attend yearly, it's so good I may even pay out of pocket if I have to
  2. NoCOUG - our local user group in Northen California, has quarterly seminars which are excellent, cost? $80 for 1 year, excellent deal


Peter Robson wrote:
> Two Hundred Dollars! Excuse my cynicism, but when was it ever worth
> paying that much to see / watch Oracle promotion stuff? Even assuming
> there were some presentations that you REALLY wanted to see, it still
> means you are paying good money for a lot of irrelevant stuff.
> If Oracle feels it can get people to pay for these presentations, they
> will. I remember conferences in which attendees were automatically
> provided with the presentations on disk, but the DVD was always a
> problem. How do you capture ppt animations, short of filming the
> presentation over the heads of the delegates? Hardly the height of
> technology. And many presenters will not pass on their copyright
> presentations involving innovative presentation techniques (which
> often involve very long hours of careful preparation) just so Oracle
> can bundle them onto a disk and make more money.
> Don't be seduced by all the promotional fluff of the 'biggest Oracle
> event of the year' stuff. Take a very hard look at just why you want
> this disk,,, and consider the alternatives of obtaining the material
> (as a previous writer has suggested).
> peter

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