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Not exactly the same issue, but when we moved our application onto a Citrix farm separated from the database server by a Gig Ethernet, then some queries which had simply performed poorly when the were on PCs on a 10 meg Ethernet network suddenly had a significantly larger impact on the database.  

Obviously if the 2 databases are on separate servers there would be a throttling effect on queries that involved full table scans of large tables.  

However I suspect that there would be a more conventional way to achieve the same goal.  


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I have a friend (no really, this isn't some lame way of telling you about me but trying to hide that by ... )    

I have a friend, and at his company they have an Oracle database with tables and data. We'll call it Database A and they have another Database B that has views across dblinks to each of the tables in Database A. The data team says that this protects Database A from bad queries.  

So can anyone think of any possible benefit from this arrangement? Will administration be easier, queries faster, performance more predictable? Anything?  

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