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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 10:35:05 -0400
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I seem to remember that this is a known issue, and there is a workaround to update a rman-related package in the 9i database. Search Metalink. The higher level of RMAN should be compatible to backup older versions of Oracle, but you should not use a 9i RMAN to backup a 10g database.

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Then why did we get a compatability error message when running 10g rman and trying to connect to a 9i database?

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You don't have to have multiple RMAN versions to backup multiple database versions and it's not also necessary for RMAN to be in the same server as your database is.  

We have dbs from 8i to 10g that runs backup against one common RMAN version and most of our dbs connects remotely to the rman catalog.  

As I understood it your RMAN catalog has to have the version of your latest db. I'm not sure if you absolutely must upgrade the RMAN database itself but I know you do need to upgrade your catalog to the latest version of your db.  

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Subject: RMAN and Backupexec

We are running windows with Backupexec. We are being told that the new version of Backupexec uses RMAN. The problem is that Symantec support is telling us that can ONLY have one version of RMAN on the server at a time. We have Oracle 10g and 9i on the windows server. Symantec is telling us that backup for the 9i database is failing because it is trying to run the 10g version of RMAN against a 9i database.  

Is what Symantec is telling us true?  

How can you have multiple database versions if this is true?  

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