Re: SQL programming fundamentals

From: Peter Robson <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 20:44:49 +0100
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Thanks to you all for many interesting and illuminating contributions.

Two points stand out.

First the issue of 'thinking' in terms of sets when working with SQL, of achieving the mind-set jump from the simple procedural approach to the set based. It happened so long ago for me that I had in fact forgotten just how significant it is!

Which begs the question of whether the ability to think in this fashion is in any way dependent on an understanding of relational theory. Do you think it is?

Second, and something of a corollary to that latter point, is this. Should one distrust any SQL code written by someone without a sound knowledge of relational theory? The implications of an affirmative to this question are rather considerable, I would have thought... nevertheless, your own comments would be much valued!

We shall be having a 'disputation' session (in the Medieval sense of the word, but without the burning at the stake!) with Chris on the Wednesday morning (12th), at which I'm hoping to rehearse several of these points with him, so as I say, your input is really appreciated.


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