RE: startup takes long time on 10gR2.

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Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 09:05:43 -0400
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How many data files are in the database? It has been a while, but we ran into a problem where Oracle was checking on every data file and the startup process was dragging while the check occurred. I apologize, but I can't seem to find my notes with the details right now. Maybe this will help focus where you are looking...  

This was for HP-UX, so it may not be apples-to-apples for Solaris...


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I am assuming that you are on Solaris 8? Is this true? If you truss you may find that the process starting the database is waiting on "shmat" call.         

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	Subject: startup takes long time on 10gR2.

	One of our test instances, the startup process is taking more

        sga is ~2gb.                    

	Total System Global Area 2130706432 bytes
	Fixed Size                  2031448 bytes
	Variable Size            1140850856 bytes
	Database Buffers          973078528 bytes
	Redo Buffers               14745600 bytes


	especially, the open phase takes long time.(around 10 mins)

	instance allocation and mount phase are quick.



	Can someone help me, how to start research and reduce the time.





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