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Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 12:34:24 -0400
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I'm pretty sure the statistic you're after is 'recursive calls'. Each time PL/SQL does a context switch to SQL, it's counted as a recursive call.

This was discussed, I thought, on the OTN Database forum, but I just spent more than 30 minutes looking for the discussion, with no luck....



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Subject: Measuring PLSQL-SQL context switches

Is there a method to measure or estimate the impact of context switches when executing SQL inside a PLSQL block -- particularly when the PLSQL block runs the same SQL statement very many times inside a loop ?

I can't seem to find a relevent statistic when I look at the list of statistics in the 10.2 Reference.

I know I could use timers to time the difference in execution time if I were to rewrite the PLSQL block but I would like to be able to measure and/or estimate the impact on execution time and/or CPU time given an existing piece of code .

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