Windows 2003 + Cluster + Oracle Failsafe

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Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 10:07:56 -0500
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I'm going through a tutorial on Oracle FailSafe and clustering and I've noticed a couple of things that have me confused.  

1.) I have 1 group currently (testing purposes) called "Cluster Group" that contains the Cluster IP Address, Cluster Name, Oracle Services for MSCS, quorum disk, and physical disks. Apparently I CANNOT add a database to this group (it appears to be disallowed)?  

So, I add another group which will allow me to add a database. However, this new group needs a virtual host name and ip address. So it appears that I need 1 virtual address for the cluster itself, and another virtual address for any other group? How do I add useable virtual hosts/addresses? I assume this is done at the DNS server level? Or can I do this throught the Microsoft Cluster Administrator by selecting "Configure Application" -> "Create a new virtual server"?  

2.) Since each new group needs a virtual address (and not the cluster address itself), we'll have to use any new virtual addresses in our tnsnames files (instead of the cluster address)? Does that sound right?

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