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From: Ingrid Voigt <>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2008 15:10:29 +0200
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yes, we are using this on several production systems. The installation was straightforward and it works fine.

Build two identical Oracle installations and two identical Failsafe installations (separate OracleHome) on both nodes.

We noticed that the Oracle Services for MSCS user account must not be the normal Oracle account (even though it has admin privileges) but the account used to build and administer the Windows cluster.

For the database build it normally on one node first, put everything (data, control files, spfile, dump directories) in the shared storage. No problem when adding it to Failsafe and building a Failsafe Listener.

The tricky part was building GC agents, Metalink documentation for this was confusing. We used note 396659.1 and it looks as I remember, but it has changed since we did it.

The agent could not be added to Failsafe as an "Intelligent Agent" but only as a "Generic service". We configured it so that agent failure does not cause failover of the group; the agent goes down far more often than the database.

We also put pfiles in both local OracleHomes which give the location of the shared spfile, so the database can run independently of Failsafe without re-configuration if needed (in particular, for restores).

That's just from memory. There is no access to our installation docs from here, I'll look it up and post a followup if there is more.


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> I was curious if any of you out there had setup Oracle Failsafe on a
> Windows 2003 Cluster and if there are any valuable tips/hints/tricks you
> may have.
> Any good documentation besides the Oracle supplied docs that you would
> recommend?
> I usually find a few "gotcha(s)" when installing a new Oracle product
> for the first time (i.e. Enterprise Manager Grid Control) and thought
> I'd poke around a bit first before jumping in.
> The installation docs seem pretty straight forward and the
> administration guide.
> Thanks!
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