query cpu time in awr vs. addm

From: <fmhabash_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2008 15:38:04 -0400
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Hi all,
I have a query that is posting into the awr report with 9.07% db time for the 1-hr period as seen below.

CPU Time (s) 	Elapsed Time (s) 	Executions 	CPU per Exec (s) 	% Total DB 
Time 	SQL Id 	SQL Module 	SQL Text
1,684 	3,874 	317 	5.31 	9.06 	84vvc70n5pjvc 
	JDBC Thin Client 	SELECT mes...

However, when i lookup the addm report for the same period, it is showing the following ...

FINDING 1: 55% impact (23359 seconds)

Host CPU was a bottleneck and the instance was consuming 74% of the host CPU.
All wait times will be inflated by wait for CPU.  

   RECOMMENDATION 1: SQL Tuning, 59% benefit (25255 seconds)

      ACTION: Investigate the SQL statement with SQL_ID "84vvc70n5pjvc" for
         possible performance improvements.

My question is how can a query reported in awr to have 9% db time to have 55% impact on CPU time in addm? The seconds count and impact percentages just do not match or reconcile!

Thank you.

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