HELP - RAC Cant fsck bad superblock

From: Bob <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2008 16:43:48 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Hi All
I just installed a 2 node ,10 R2 rac on centos Linux 4.6

My rac install was done by following Jeff Hunters document (excellent work!)

For storage I used openfiler with the iscsi protocol

everything went perfect... to the letter, I gracefully shutdown the 2 nodes , then the openfiler, when I went to start it back up, openfiler complaining about "Inconsistent filesystem structure " This system has been restarted several times previously with no issues

So, I get on the openfiler server in rescue mode

the partition is /dev/hdc4 id =8e LVM

essentially, Im trying to fsck the mappings in /dev/mapper/mydevice this was created by running

lvm pvscan
lvm vgscan
lvm lvchange -ay
lvm lvscan

ie fsck -nv /dev/mapper/mydevice

/*Im getting "bad magic number in inode while looking up journal inode or slot 0"
encountered unrecoverable errors while replaying the journals and will not continue.*/

I have the ocfs2 tools installed on the openfiler server, and ocfs2 is called by fsck

I really cant afford to reinstall - I need a way to fix the damaged filesystem

This was an unbelievable amount of work to install and configure and its all dependent on correcting this filesystem. Im hoping from some information on how I can make the fix

Please HELP!

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