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I use this list, oracle forums.

There are a lot of forums/sig groups that are just for specific items. - Rac, discoverer and I join the ones I want more information, input.

I check daily at lunch or other times I need a break or looking for some new ideas.

I also have a number of favorite sites I go to Tom Kyte, Steve Chan, Steve Adam.. etc.

Go to different Oracle Events.  There a a number of free Oracle events through out the year and I make new contacts there and build a network of people to bounce ideas off of.


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That's basically where I am - I can usually manage everything, but it would be great to have at least one other DBA here to just bounce things off of and get someone to challenge my ideas - that's how I get better

I try to replace that with lists like this one, but the one problem with being subscribed to a handful of lists like these is the sheer volume of e-mails that I just do not have the time to sort through until the weekend... which usually means I do not benefit from the conversation at hand at the moment.

Does anyone else use the lists like that? Are there any good forums that you would recommend?


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> Being the only DBA in an organization is difficult for more reasons than just time off. Most people learn by collaboration, and bounce ideas off each other. With no exchange, you can often find yourself with nobody to provide a sanity check, especially in critical situations.
I have learned to deal with being the lone DBA but not having someone to

bounce ideas off has been the biggest disadvantage for me.




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