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Roger that on the nvarchr2 or varchar2, like you I have seen the "n" data types don't get a value printed in the trace so I figured that the data is being interpreted as a varchar2 not an nvarchar2.

It would be interesting to see the SQL, the explain plan and the stat lines of the SQL being run, it may well be that a data type conversion is taking place, although it seems odd since Oracle by default always converts the SRTING type (varchar2 in this case) to a NUMBER and not a NUMBER to a STRING. So I don't think this is an implicit conversion. But with out the code we are guessing.

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oacdty=01 could mean varchar2 or nvarchar2. There is a huge difference between the two as if a bind value is passed as a nvarchar2 and the column datatype is a varchar2 then a implicit conversion is done, meaning that an index will not be used.

I have found that (at least on 9i) in case of a nvarchar2 datatype the bind value was not shown in the trace file (but the value length was).

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Yes a 1 is a varchar2 data type.  You can see these data types in the:

OracleŽ Call Interface Programmer's Guide, 10g Release 2 (10.2)
Part Number B14250-02

Chapter 3, Data Types, table 3-1.

What ever program is sending that in is not sending it as a number.

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