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Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 09:49:05 -0500 (CDT)
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Like another thread stated as a benefit of the answers coming out of this list, "It depends". The Business has provided me the tools I need for dealing with emergencies while off-site. If it's a day, no biggie. If it's a business trip, no biggie. If it's a "real" vacation (I've heard of those but haven't been able to take one for personal reasons), we have a *trusted* consultant who helped stand up our main Oracle DBs operate remotely.

To keep them up to speed, we try to keep in email contact with major changes (and not necessarily just for bragging rights about the cool new thing one of us did) and we're slated for twice annual reviews so I (thankfully!) have another set of eyes to help keep me on my game.

I really do like the environment. It's a control-freak's dream, save for root access on the servers [rats!]. We're also audited by an independant company for all the usual business reasons related to having a sole DBA (among others).

Some important points IMHO to being a 1-DBA shop:

  1. Active participation in this list, or a similar local community of Oracle DBAs, is a must. Ask the stoopid question (as long as it's asked well) -- it may make you the Savior of the Database.
  2. The right tools for the job. Be it monitoring, remote comm, management, or whatever -- the sole DBA holds the key to the company's data.
  3. There is no number 3.
  4. No whiners!
  5. Diverse background in duhvelopment and systems admin is a huge bonus. The sole DBA needs to know what these folks need and what they struggle with in order to help them -- and by direct extention, the business -- do their job to the best of their respective abilities.
  6. Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew. The sole DBA is a pivot point and must deal with high-stress priorities. If you're prone to fits of anxiety, other environments may better suit you.
  7. Be careful what you wish. They just might hire another DBA.
  8. The sole DBA is not a god, despite our attitude. Help coach others in a respective and informative manner.
  9. Like your work, love your wife (Planes Trains & Automobiles). Rethink your approach to both if it doesn't match.
  10. Always always make sure your buffer cache hit ratio is > 99.9%. If not, see #1.

Enough babble for now. I have databases to tend to.


> Hi
> On a non-technical note
> I have read a few times that some guys are the only dba in a company.
> What happens when you are sick / go on holiday?
> Who would recover the databases in such scenario arose?
> Rob

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