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What Gopal wrote is correct, but I think he may have missed the part of the question about rebuilding the index.

If you dump some index blocks after you alter the initrans, but before you rebuild, you will see that the number beside kdxlebksz will not have changed.

After you continue with the alter index rebuild, of course your index will be in new blocks, but further, if you examine kdxlebksz, you'll see it is smaller. That is the evidence that more space is reserved for initrans entries. The byte offsets for the row# entries will also be different. If you play with different values for initrans, you'll see this number drift by 24 per initrans value change (though the 24 may change by release number, and I suppose they might change the kdxlebksz label as well).



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Initrans is applicable only to future blocks. To prove: Do a simple block dump (search for alter system dump) and verify before and after the changes.


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> If I rebuild an index online changing the initrans parameter, does it
> change initrans for all blocks of the index or just future blocks?
> Is there a method by which I can prove this?
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