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From: Ahbaid Gaffoor <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 10:39:52 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Today I had a developer object that I was raising too many CMs, here's my usual process:

[CM = Change Mangement Request]

  1. Receive a request
  2. Develop the scripts to fulfill that request
  3. Test them in an Alpha database and commit them into some form of source controls (CVS)
  4. Do the final pre-production tests against the Gamma database (which is a pre-prod copy of prod) by checking out the source from CVS and running
  5. Schedule the change * If anything changes before prod, it's back to Alpha to revise and test...
  6. Apply the change in production by checking out the source and running it
    • When scheduling changes all interested parties are notified of the upcoming change and have time to revise and submit their comments.

One of our developers (a senior one) complained today when I raised a CM to roll out a new user, it's role and it's profile in production

I believe it's better to over communicate and schedule production changes as simple as they may appear, our developer feels that there was no need to raise a CM.

What are your thoughts / experiences out there?


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