Ownership on Oracle CRS Home binary files

From: Anurag Verma <anuragdba_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 15:34:43 -0700
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 Hi All,

We are installing a 3 node Oracle RAC on Solaris 10 box.

We are installing Oracle Clusterware as the Rac cluster software.

My question is:

Is it a good practice to assign a non-root user( not "root" and not the Database owner), as the owner of Clusterware?

Or is it mandatory that we have to keep "root" user as the owner of Clusterware owner?

Our plan to keep a non-root user as the Oracle Clusterware owner, is mainly originated from the idea that as we can not run opatch from root user, if we need to patch Oracle Clusterware in future, we will end up changing permissions of Oracle CRS home files which will be owned by root.

Do you have some guidelines or best practices on which approach is better for the ownership of the ORACLE CRS Files ?

Whether it is root user or a non-root user?



Anurag Verma,
Database Administrator
ERCOT(Electric Reliability Council of Texas), Texas 76574


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