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Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 13:27:07 -0400
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I was not just referring to DBAs. I was talking about good co-workers. Primarily technical co-workers. How do you screen for personality. I was not looking for a wizard who knows DBA work, data modelling(dbas may know this, but without practice implementing they are not any good at it), and sys admin work. What I want someone with a positive attitude.

Instead of the "this sucks", "everything sucks around here" , or the "groups of people who go around complaining as if its a bragging right". I am sure we have seen that all. From my experience, there are more complaining about other people DBAs than in other technial professions. Though its not tied to DBAs. Alot of times DBAs will get together and complain and try to out do in complaints. "Oh yeah, listen to this story, my last co-worker was 10 times dumber than yours". Though all technical professions do that.

What I want is a "ok we have problems, what can I do to help make things better". I am not looking for a "I want to live here and never go home". We work 40 hours/week most of the time. You can get alot done in 40 hours with a smart team, where people want to contribute and are willing to solve problems outside their area. And importantly share knowledge. It is alot more fun if you are a DBA, working with a linux admin, san engineer and some good developers. People talk about what they do and ask questions about each others experience. So everyone learns the new stuff. I also don't like people who won't share information.

You know when people conversationally ask you about your skills are you happy to help or do you give 2 word respones and tell them to check google. As if google is a substitute for years of experience that you have. I like people who are interested in other peoples skills.

I am like that. I like the banter. It makes for a better team. I also find then when you are ready to move on, you are much more skilled and can command a higher rate/salary due to working in this kind of environment.

I know from the responses I see on here, many of the people on here are like thus.

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