Re: How do you conduct technical interviews ?

From: Dan Norris <>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 10:21:15 -0500
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Sorry for the late reply, but I just got back from a week off and thought I'd add my 2 pesos (they were left over).

As I wrote my reply, some of my thoughts were related, others were straying, so I elected to blog it instead. It's at if you care to read. Feel free to comment there if you like.


Gints Plivna wrote:
> Mhmm, the original question wasn't about just TECHNICALLY SKILLED
> person. Question were how to find right kind of personality. For
> example:
> What circumstance brings you here today?
> Ok one can formulate this question in whatever way but would you like
> to hire a DBA (or whatever other position) just looking for a job with
> some $$ more than previous work, without any other motivation?
> What was a major obstacle you were able to overcome in the past year?
> OK it is possible to formulate this question just in a bit different
> way and ask what was the major problem in his dba life last year.
> Tell me about two memorable projects, one success and one failure. To
> what do you attribute the success and failure?
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