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Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 13:58:22 -0700 (PDT)
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Go to the Services Tab in Grid Control.  By default you usually have one service test monitoring the OEM GC login page I think.

Create Web Application Service or Generic Service

If you create a generic service, create a "Web Transaction" or "HTTP Ping" test under that Service.

Web Transaction test can replay a series of URLs from a web transaction, or a single URL.

If it is just a single URL, you can just do an HTTP Ping/Get test as well, no need for a "Web Transaction" type, although they both support a single URL check on a scheduled basis.

GC gets metrics about several aspects of the GET, HTML time, non-HTML time, connect time, redirect time, etc..

very easy to setup, and you can put all the pings on an "SLM Dashboard" under the reports tab. 

beware the licensing ramifications.  SLM is an OEM Pack that has a list price of 3k per transaction/test, where a single URL test or a series of URLs in a longer transaction test with metrics about each step of the transaction count each as 1 test/transaction.

You can replay that transaction from any agent that talks to grid control.  SLM can do web transactions, pings, DNS, LDAP, SQL, JDBC, custom scripts, and a number of other types of service test monitoring.


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I seem to recall that Grid Control had the ability to monitor a given url for response time, etc.

I can not locate any information on this.  Can Grid Control monitor the pages served up by a web server to ensure the web server is still functioning correctly?

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