Re: How do you conduct technical interviews ?

From: Roman Podshivalov <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 16:52:21 -0400
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Oracle wasn't mentioned in the original question. And as you have said default transaction isolation level is different from database to database. Person with Sybase background might answer yes, but that doesn't mean he is bad.


On 8/14/08, Robert Freeman <> wrote:
> I expect them to understand that Oracle does not do dirty reads (unlike,
> DB2 or SQL Server by default). That user a will not see user b's changes
> until user b commits said changes. I'd expect them to describe the purpose
> of UNDO as a part of this process.
> I'd like to know how you think the answer to this could be wrong answers in
> general? Dirty reads do not exist in Oracle, period.
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