RE: How do you conduct technical interviews ?

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What about 5 years minimum experience and no OCP ? :-)

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I agree on the OCP thing. I dont really want to start the whole OCP debate again, but a good rule of thumb (to me at least) would be OCP + 5 years experience (minimum) as a DBA=good candidate, OCP with less than 5 years experience, still a rookie DBA, but good at memorizing stuff.

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                You have to draw a line somewhere on the memorization piece. I might ask the interviewee to name a few background processes in the Oracle database on *nix, but I wouldnt necessarily expect him to go into detail about what each process does.                 

                A general answer would be sufficient, for example pmon monitors processes running in the database. If the candidate needed highly detailed information, I would expect (and want) him to look it up. In my opinion, the ability to find an answer to something that he doesn't know the answer to, or to check on what he thinks is the answer before he does something, is vital.                                  

        Totally agree that it is better finding someone who displays the correct thought processes rather than knowing a particular fact/bit of trivia.         

        In fact in some ways this argument can be deployed against the whole OCP circus as well. Some of the worst candidates I have seen have come clutching an OCP.         

        Though, of course there are many good people with them too, but I suspect these people would shine out without it as well.         




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