Re: How do you conduct technical interviews ?

From: Remigiusz Sokolowski <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 09:14:40 +0200
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Dba DBA pisze:
> I actually don't like the tom kyte question. Does anyone else like this one
> ?
> "
> I can remember Tom Kyte let the people explain what is inside the instance.
> What is SGA, which oracle processes do we have and what is their task. It's
> the same kind of question. Let the technical people try to explain some
> technical stuff. They often cannot. "
> it is too much memorization. I see no reason to make someone memorize every
> background process (which is what Tom wants when he mentions it). I think
> general understanding of a database and an instance and how oracle works is
> more important. I have trouble keeping track of the difference between the
> SMON and the PMON myself and don't bother to keep that in my head.

I have read whole this thread, and You wrote that Your main problem is to get people, who just want to work and not lazy internet surfers. But more questions is still about technical knowledge - even those about the oracle internals (I do not say they are not important and surely there should be a part of the interview for them).

However I would also emphasize an initiative, which is actually very important.
So I would like to know how a person will try to resolve a problem from the borders between let's say network and a database - imho good questions are about searching possible solutions (docs, metalink, google, blogs, and so on) or simply to have one of the last real problems (may be from the borders of the database and os or network or developers), give a newcomer a chair, a computer with an internet connection, few names (so there need to be more people committed in action, but I believe it is very, very important who comes to work with) - email, phone and position and let's start and look what the new man do - he may search himself, call a help of a specialist, work together with the people, who the names one knows - then an opinion from all committed staff, want they work with him or not.
Very important is also how much a person is self-aware - so there should be a question about her/his weak sides, or an overall opinion if one talks only in superlatives or honestly indicates in which areas has superb knowledge and where he is rather weak (because don't work with such sides of the database).

just my 3 cents


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