RE: 12G Desupport for Raw Devices

From: Yavor Ivanov <>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 11:39:01 +0300
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        We all know RBO is desupported in 10g. However, in 11g I still see recursive queries caused by the CBO itself, which have the /*+rule*/ hint.
        I would bet 2 cents (even euro-cents) that at least OCR and voting disks will still be possible on raw on 12g. I think there should be at least one version with the possibility for OCR/Vote disk on ASM before this becomes common. To put OCR/Vote on ASM we need ASM up and running before OCR. Then ASM will need some other mechanism for working in clustered mode - something like OCFS' basic clustering functionality.
        The other possibility is that 11gR2 will give us OCFS on all platforms, and in the time 12G comes out, OCFS will be stable enough on AIX/UX/Solaris.

        In the other hand, support for raw devices has been deprecated in the Linux 2.6 kernel and the raw interface is hard to configure (but still possible) in RHEL5 (note 465001.1). Maybe this is what we are talking about?

Yavor Ivanov
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To quote the notice: "This means customers can no longer keep their datafiles, OCR or Voting disks on raw devices in Oracle 12g." What this means that the Oracle database will not support any file on a raw device *directly*. There will have to be a layer between the raw device and the database (ASM, filesystem, etc).

I think this is a good, forward looking desupport notice. Given the pace that I have seen the significant number of customers adopt new releases for existing production systems, it will be probably be 8 years before 12G is widely common. I base that number on the fact that 10g came out in 2004, and many large shops are just upgrading to 10gR2 in 2008, 4 years later. Since 11g was released second half of 2007, add 4 years for 11gR2 (or whatever R release) to be main stream and another 4 years for 12gR? to be main stream. By my estimate we re talking 2015+/- time frame. Now obviously green field installs will follow a faster adoption rate, but that is also the case today.

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 8:55 AM, Bobak, Mark <> wrote:
> And I forgot the second part of my, as people move from RAW to ASM, they're still going to use RAW volumes to allocate storage to ASM, right? Seems to me it would be pretty silly to put filesystems on all your storage, just so you can hand it over to ASM.
> So, seems to me, Oracle will still deal w/ raw, albeit perhaps only through the ASM path....?

Greg Rahn

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