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Controlfile auto backup gets your controlfile back for you. You could also manually create the control file and then catalog the RMAN backupset pieces in 10g and later. Probably easier than hacking at the backup set pieces .... 10g New Feature for those that didn't know... You can catalog all backup set pieces (like with a splat) once you restore a control file. Very handy.


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How do you find out which backupiece contains the controlfile. One way is to go through the rman logfiles.

And the other way i cna think of is run dbms_backup_restore on each of the backup piece in your backupset.

is there another easy way


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> Prabhu, Krishnaswamy wrote:
> > Is it possible to recover a database whose couple of
> datafiles , all
> multiplexed
> > controlfiles and rman catalog repository are lost. A
> complete rman backup
> exists
> > but catalog and control files are lost.
> RMAN> restore controlfile from <backuppiece>;
> Something easy to find with google or the documentation.
> IIRC in 8i it used to require some effort and calls
> directly to
> dbms_backup_restore.
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