Re: Sun JPI and JInitiator

From: Kurt Van Meerbeeck <>
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2008 06:55:39 +0000
Message-ID: <>


We had the same problem - the first method we tried : - Plugin detect script by Eric Gerds
-> we altered it so it could detect jinitiator and then based on which plugin is detected we generated different html
problems :

- does not work on citrix
- some clients encountered problems with the script in place in combination with jinitiator
- works only in IE I think and there seems to be issues in IE7

The second method is a combination of using an apache2 based reverse proxy and rewriting urls.
We already had reverse proxies in front of our app servers so that made it a bit easier for us. In the reverse proxy we check the user-agent http header If we detect vista we rewrite the url so that it points to JPI enabled page. Otherwise we point it to a JINI page.

We also have another solution based on a SSO plugin the rewrites the site-token on a user per user basis. We are now migrating all our users (3000)  to JPI, leaving JINI. JPI has proven to be more stable overall.


>> we nog have to use the SUN Java plugin. I managed to do so but now I
>> hava a question: Is it possible to use both JInitiator and the SUN
>> plugin for the same application? F.e. when I have JInitiator installed
>> on the client, use JInitiator and if not, use the SUN plugin.

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