RE: hp-ux+SG+sge rac+SLVM+ASM on 11v31

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Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 20:01:18 +0000
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Hi Ujang, great - I assume you meant to say "now it clear about ASM+SLVM".

With regards to your choice of a redundant pair of 1GigE NIC's for all the interconnect traffic per server - yes, that is the recommended common approach that most of our RAC customers deploy.

See the diagram on page 6 of the whitepaper "SGeRAC and Oracle RAC on HP-UX 11i Best Practices, March 2008" (it is just above the previous one I referred you to - direct URL is

If your RAC traffic grows significantly, you could add additional redundant 1GigE NIC's and move the Oracle GCS and GES (Cache Fusion) traffic onto them - see the picture on page 8 of the above doc.

I hope this helps! Keith.

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hi keith,

thanks for the URL. not it clear about ASM+SLVM. now need another info about the stability on the network heartbeat.

I plan to use 1gb HB for everything (SG HB+CSS HB+RAC HB) and use another NIC for standby, for the future performance and stability is it will stable?

thanks and regards
ujang | oracle dba
jakarta - indonesia

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> Hi Ujang, there are a number of HP documents that might be of interest:
> Browse to
> Click High Availability
> Click HP Serviceguard Extension for RAC
> Along with the "Using SGeRAC 6th Edition" and "SGeRAC Release Notes" docs, under White Papers there is a "Support of Oracle RAC ASM with SGeRAC, January 2008" doc that has information that is useful - direct URL for the last doc is
> I hope this is of value to you. Regards!
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> Subject: hp-ux+SG+sge rac+SLVM+ASM on 11v31
> lists,
> does anyone has implemented rac + service guard + asm + slvm on hp-ux itanium 11v3?
> is there url or white paper from hp?
> thanks for sharing..
> --
> thanks and regards
> ujang | oracle dba
> jakarta - indonesia
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