RE: Vs: Function to calculate weekdays left in a month

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Hey now, scope creep!! It wasn't in the original request!! :-)

Seriously, though, I thought about that when I was writing my query....but he didn't mention holidays, so I didn't consider a solution that accounted for them....

I suppose you could do something with a lookup table of valid holidays, and hook it into what I've done without too much work....I think....


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what about holidays?  to support a "true" calc you wouldn't you  have
to make allowances for them?

On 8/4/08, Mark W. Farnham <> wrote:

> Mark's functional implementation meets what I think is the highest standard
> of elegance: Given the code without comment you would know exactly what it
> does just by knowing the language it is written in.
> IF it turns out this function is to be called a bazillion times, then it
> might also be worth measuring whether the construction of a calendar table
> pairing each day with the corresponding number of days left performs better
> in your actual application. Using Mark's function but cycling through the
> calendar instead of referencing sysdate would be a fine way to populate the
> calendar table's workdays_left_this_month column (or populating a new column
> added to an existing calendar table).
> Loading the likely to be reference range of the table into some layer of
> cache might also be a useful exercise in executing the performance test.
> The context of use of the function is also relevant to whether the function
> will perform better as being calculated each time or as a database lookup:
> If the function tends to be called low in the database together with other
> table references all of which can stay "deep" to return the answer stream
> setwise, that will tend to favor the reference table version increasingly as
> the size of the set increases. Please notice that I have not run the
> proposed test, so I am not claiming an answer to which would be faster in
> any case let alone the actual case, and it may indeed not be worth figuring
> it out.
> Regards,
> mwf
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> Try this:
> select sum((case trim(to_char(sysdate+level-1,'Day'))
> when 'Saturday'
> then 0
> when 'Sunday'
> then 0
> else 1 end)) weekdays_left_this_month
> from dual
> connect by level <= trunc(last_day(sysdate))-trunc(sysdate)+1
> As written, it includes the current day in the count.
> Hope that helps,
> -Mark
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> If only it were that simple.
> That gets me all the days and I am interested in the weekdays only.
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