11g RAC install (play thing only)

From: Connor McDonald <mcdonald.connor_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 22:45:45 +0800
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Hi all,

Just playing with 11g RAC at home (a couple of vmware "nodes" on CentOS).

Clusterware installed fine.
DB software installed fine.

Normally I'd just use plain old scripts to then create the db, but I thought, why not give dbca a go to see what it does "out of the box"...

But DBCA won't show the preliminary "RAC welcome" screen, ie, don't recognise the cluster.

olsnodes on each node lists the two nodes as expected. crs_stat -t gives me gsd/ons/vip all online on each node cluvfy stage -pre dbcfg on each node tells me that everything is just peachy...

yet ... dbca doesn't have a clue...

Adding -DDEBUG to dbca reveals

[main] [21:49:21:897] [ClusterAlias.<init>:85] ClusterAlias Instance created.
[main] [21:49:21:925] [Host.checkOPS:2308] cluster existence:true
[main] [21:49:21:926] [OracleHome.getNodeNames:300] inside getNodeNames
[main] [21:49:21:957] [OracleHome.isClusterInstalled:282]
[main] [21:49:21:957] [OracleHome.getNodeNames:300] inside getNodeNames
[main] [21:49:21:962] [Host.checkOPS:2346] Cluster installed=false

which whilst confirming dbca's lack of awareness of a cluster, doesn't really help toward a diagnosis...

Any ideas anyone ?


Connor McDonald
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web: http://www.oracledba.co.uk

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