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Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 10:05:06 +0300
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        I've done one project active-active replication using oracle's Advanced replication. There is good documentation about this.
        There are 2 basic problems with this
                - The conflicts. You will always have conflicts on active-active replication. Most of them can be avoided by wise application and process design, but it will need lot of thinking. And you will still have conflicts you cannot avoid and cannot resolve automatically
                - The burden. It is much harder for administration. Adding a simple column is pain in the ass, Yes, there are procedures, but still... It is hard.
        But it really works - for 2 years now. I would consider this.

        I also have done it with "Basic replication", master - (updateable) mvews with 12 active sites across the country (one master in HQ). But it is even harder to support this than Advanced replication. And the application on this project was specially built with the replication in mind. It works for 9 years now (we started it on 8.1.5, now all the servers are 10.2). But I would never advise this approach, this is aged and arcane thing.

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Oracle has an MAA with admap.pdf

However, one of our clients would like to have active-active replication between remote sites, so that each site can be used.

Have you done this? What software did you use?

Also, what are the limitations on schema, if any to do this?

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