Re: Database Migration and Upgrade across Servers ( from Solaris to HP)

From: Bala <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 13:37:40 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Thank you very much for your thoughts. There is flexibility schedule wise -- hardly any constraints -- I was thinking of datapump , but would revisit good ol' exp/imp...

Thanks again!

On 7/31/08, Allen, Brandon <> wrote:
> My preference is to always use exp/imp unless there is a good reason not
> to do so, e.g. uptime requirements. Export followed by import into a brand
> new database gives you a nice clean data dictionary with that fresh new
> smell, plus you get a full defrag of all your segments as a bonus
> (not that I'm a proponent of regular segment rebuilds) and can take the
> opportunity to change your tablespace layout or configurations if desired.
> There are at least a few serious bugs that can hit after in-place upgrades (
> *not* if you use exp/imp) check Metalink for details. The ones I'm
> thinking about are specific to databases that were upgraded from 8i to 10g,
> IIRC. Since you're on 10g, expdp/impdp could be worth considering too, but
> from what little testing I've done with datapump, it was much slower and
> more complicated than good 'ol exp/imp.
> Regards,
> Brandon

Bala Rao

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