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Thanks. I am pretty sure that this is the case.

thank you

Gene Gurevich

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I saw this happening in the scenario like:
- there is a long running transaction running in the database

  • somebody shutdown abort the instance
  • startup
  • shutdown immediate right after the startup when we still have instance recovery running

In such situation shutdown immediate will wait until instance recovery completes.


On 7/25/08, <> wrote:   Hello.

  I am trying to shutdown immediate a database ( Normally it   takes
  couple of minutes. this time it has been   running for about 25 min. When I look at the alert.log, I see already 4   log
  switches ( I have 3 logfile groups) and I   wonder what could be the reason it is taking such a long time. I also   don't
  remember seeing all the logswitches
  after the shutdown immediate.

  Would appreciate any thoughts

  thank you

  Gene Gurevich


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