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From: Sam Bootsma <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 09:34:13 -0400
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Turloch's suggestion worked for me.

This is what I put in for the various fields:

Userid: sa
Hostname: <servername>
Port: <portnumber>/<databasename>;instance=<instancename>

When I clicked the connect button, it connected me. Thanks Turloch!

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On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 10:16 PM, Sam Bootsma <> wrote:
> I installed Oracle Sql Developer 1.5.1 today. I also installed a 3rd
party JDBC driver
(C:\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\extensions\oracle.sqldeveloper.thirdparty. drivers.sqlserver\lib\jtds-1.2.jar) using Tools / Preferences / Database / 3rd party JDBC Drivers.
> ...
> I am able to connect to this database using Sql Server Management
Express, so I know that the user id / password combination I am using is correct. Can anybody shed some light on this? My ultimate goal is to migrate Sql Server data to the Oracle database. The vendor says there is no code in the Sql Server database - just data in tables.

I am from Oracle SQLDeveloper (Migration) development, Sam confirmed the following workaround for connecting to the non default instance of SQLServer on the same port.

Please contact us via the SQLDeveloper forum [not sure if I am allowed to give links here] .

Workaround supplied by another customer:

This took some figuring out but I cracked it in the end....

SQLServer tab:

Hostname: <servername>
Port: <portnumber>/<databasename>;instance=<instancename>

so for me the Port field looks like this: 1433/Gaffa;instance=SQL01

That should now connect to a named instance SQL Server.

Paul Fairhurst


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